A human being uses the toilet 6-8 times every day

How long?

Following a short calculation, it can be seen that in terms of time spent in the privacy of the space intended to solve physiological needs, a person allocates 5 hours per month, 2.5 days in a year and throughout its lifetime, a human being has every chance to spend the equivalent of approx. 200 days in the space intended to solve physiological needs, more than half a year.

Toilets are located in all public spaces, kindergartens, schools, universities, hospitals, companies, factories, cinemas, theaters, malls, trains, railway stations, airports, planes, parks, streets, hotels, restaurants, gas stations etc.

For example, in Romania, the total number of hospital beds is 119,579, the number of pupils and students is 3.52 million in 6,300 school units, 356,600 accommodation places in 8402 accommodation structures, 125 malls, etc.

The toilets in the public spaces of Romania offer, in their great majority, a minimal service, even below the acceptable limit, being limited to general endowments that do not solve the complex problem of hygiene and health maintenance.

What is certain is that during the time spent in the toilet, the human being needs to be protected both from a hygienic and physical / ergonomic, as well as from a psychological comfort point of view.

The need to provide a high-comfort system on the market is also supported by the non-existence of these concerns.