The HProtectCover toilet cover is an absolutely novel protection formula.

The current use of toilets in public spaces is done with the consumption of approx. 1, 2 ml of toilet paper placed on the surface of the plastic cover.

The amount of toilet paper consumed is comparatively equal to that represented by the unique biodegradable hygienic coil [Hytoi use.

The user's perception of public spaces and of the one offering the new facilities will change, and the trust gained will be found in a comparatively positive attitude towards public space.

How to use it

It's as simple as pulling down a zipper

The user extracts an HProtectCover sheet and positions it on the surface of the toilet bowl, without touching objects, in a hygienic and completely safe way.
After use, the HProtectCover sheet is automatically pulled down into the sewer after actuating the flush.