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About us, our projected future for Hytoi & our way of thinking and past achievements

Ghildush Design System is a commercial company founded by Alexandru Ghilduș in 1991 with the main activity of design creation.

Achievements in the fields of graphic design, product design and environment are components of a business of approx. 30 years.

Dizainăr and DZNR Design Studio are the companie founded by Mihnea Ghilduș in 2011, which promote the creations of young designers and design in Romania.

Together, Alexandru and Mihnea Ghilduș will coordinate the entrepreneurial activity for the production and commercialization of the new hygienic protection devices.

The business on hygiene in public spaces aims to create products for the endowment of toilets in public spaces, in the first stage promoting the dispenser that proposes hygienic body protection in relation to the toilet roll and the automated coil assembly, which is operated wirelessly, without touch.

The HYTOI Hygienic Toilet Seat system can be placed in airports, hospitals, schools and other public spaces. Hygiene is a key factor in public health, and after a pandemic year we believe that more people now understand how important are the investments in this sector.